Guy Michaels Full Bio

20130210-120821.jpgGuy Michaels CH, CHt has been a motivational speaker and entertainer for over 20 years. Traveling across the U.S. with his very popular Scream N’ Shout “Kids With Character” school assembly program, Guy has spoken to thousands of students and adults about the advantages of living with ultimate character. Using hypnotic language and the power of positive suggestion, Guy has motivated thousands to “Do the right thing especially when no ones looking.”


In 2007 Guy overcame staggering odds when he survived what was diagnosed as a fatal brain tumor.


With the clock ticking and staring at his own mortality, Guy’s faith in God allowed him to remain strong during what he called “the most awakening time of my life“ Guy said in a recent interview. “I was always taught by my parents to BE the change I desired to see in the world“ says Michaels. To that end he began a quest to give back to those who had given so much.

Scream N' ShoutIn creating his award winning Scream N’ Shout “Kidz With Character” school assembly program, Guy began traveling the country speaking to hundreds of thousands elementary school students about the value of being “Kidz With Character”. “In essence I teach the students that the cool kids are not those who are trouble makers, rather those whom you can depend on and trust” Michaels said.

“Traveling the U.S.A. with Scream N’ Shout has been one of the most rewarding times in my life!” says Michaels. “Seeing the light come on in their little minds is a greater reward than I could have ever hoped for.”

Given that Scream N’ Shout already included many techniques than involved NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis, Guy decided to go back into the field of hypnosis after growing weary of such a hectic travel schedule. Guy had studied hypnosis long ago and had placed it on the “back burner” while he pursued a career in Theatrical Stage Production and Lighting Design.

Guy MichaelsAfter encouragement from a former hypnotist Guy decided to go into the Comedy Stage Hypnosis field full time! Thus was born “Comedy Hypnosis” with Guy Michaels. Guy began continuing his education and gaining his certification in hypnotherapy and holds board certifications with the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) and NBHE (National Board of Hypnosis Education.)

Guy spends a great deal of time in his private practice in Knoxville Tennessee.  There he helps people one on one who seek his help in overcoming the obstacles that we all so often place in our own paths! With several new audio programs to assist in various issues such as Non Smoking, Insomnia, Weight Loss, Anger and Grief Management, Stress Reduction and more… Guy finds the most rewarding aspect of his career is helping people! Guy Michaels has spoken to thousands of people in both the corporate and association convention industry providing keynote speeches as well as private shows for both. He will be seen in the near future on several popular cruise lines and is currently in the development stages of a national inspirational tour.

Guy’s seminars and assemblies focus on honoring your promises and not being someone who cannot be trusted. ”When we promise that we will do something… that is giving our word! Our word is the most important thing in our life.” and “Be an upstanding individual by not operating in the shadows” are one of the most popular topics of Guy’s events.

1015683_687779157906324_1464406240_oWith the Comedy Hypnosis show in the Great Smoky Mountains, Guy offers the visitors of Gatlinburg, Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee the chance to become the stars of the show! Guy will take you on a journey through your imagination that you will not soon forget. What you imagine becomes your reality in this show!

Guy will help take you to a state of total relaxation and ultimate fun! Watching from the audience you are going to laugh until your sides hurt as members of your family or group become secret agents on a top secret mission! You will talk for YEARS about how your family member or friend knew a whole other language you never knew about! When you are Hypnotized you are guaranteed to have EVEN MORE FUN than those sitting in the audience and they are having a BLAST watching you “Let Go” and have so much FUN!


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